Proxmox8 on ARM64

Proxmox8 on ARM64

So Proxmox7 is widely supported on ARM64 using the now famous Pimox7 project. However recently Proxmox 8 and Debian Bookworm was released. And I wanted to explore if the same can be done for my ARM64 cluster based on 3 Raspberry Pis as well. And after some exploration, I found a great answer.

I started from this Github issue and similar reddit post here directed me to this gist. I then looked around the original repo and found this better documented version here.

For most part, it worked well for me, except I had to tweak my apt mirrors as well.

deb bookworm port

Then adding the GPG key as per original repo documentation, everything went well with a sudo apt dist-upgrade.

Everything went well!

There are some post install issues like headers creating an issue, which was promptly fixed by an apt-get autoremove.

After running the command.

Another issue was that package itself installs new entry for apt sources, which results in duplicates. Removing the ones that we added for the installation, solves it.

And editing the file.

There is one remaining issue as you can see in the log above, but overall everything seems fine including backup configuration etc.

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