Folding @ Home on TX2

Let me clarify first that this post is not about running GPU enabled folding. For that, some hardware enablement is missing, and thus it'll be really hard to port it, though I may attempt that in future.

For CPU performance, TX2 packs decent power, specially with 2 Denver Cores, 4 A57 cores and 8 GB RAM. More specs here. I searched around and found this docker image, for which I created following docker-compose gist for deployment:

The container comes up quickly and I see following logs:

Folding @ Home Container Logs

I could also see high CPU utilization on jtop or jetson-stats. Notice the power consumption. 16.5W!


My gist exposes dashboard on port 7396 of the Whitelisted IP. Here is a look:

Webview for FaH-Client

This is my small contribution towards a massive network. Hope this does some good towards humanity.

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