Availability Tracking with Uptime Kuma

Availability Tracking with Uptime Kuma

I manage quite a lot of different infrastructure types, and while in most cases I prefer something more robust, like container health with extensive logging tools and Grafana monitors and alerts. However I needed something quicker and less complicated for my home lab, as many things are ephemeral, plus the uptime concerns are more related to network, as my ISP has a habit of just dropping connections midday, though rarely. To handle that I found this tool called Uptime Kuma.

The great thing is that tool is pretty simple to deploy. I created an LXC container and deployed the YAML below.

version: '3.3'

    image: louislam/uptime-kuma:1
    container_name: uptime-kuma
      - ./uptime-kuma-data:/app/data
      - 3001:3001  # <Host Port>:<Container Port>
    restart: always

I configured a public HTTPS endpoint via a reverse proxy (NGINX) and then within 5 minutes, I could setup my alerts.

Per item monitoring screen

Below we can see some results after configuring some alerts.

Then afterwards, we can create a Status page, which ultimately looks like this:

This project is just one of those perfect fit or match for your needs. We can also integrate telegram bot to get notifications as well!

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